Bethany Marchman
Using traditional oils to create parallels between innocence and influence/ history and popular culture, Bethany Marchman's paintings are sometimes funny and sometimes sad. They are reflections of the awkward changes we experience as individuals and as a society, while questioning whether or not growth is synonymous with improvement.
Originally from Newark NJ, this 36 year old Orlando Florida based artist is best known for his character illustration and recent Dolla Lama campaign. Aside from being a constant on the street with both legal and illegal works, this self taught artist has also begun his transition from the street to the gallery. With a number of installations, solo, and group shows under his belt, Dolla has proven to be a prolific artist with a unique vision. This man of few words prides himself on flawless craftsmanship and a super clean illustration style.

Dolla states: “Usually when people see my gallery work for the first time they think it's just a sticker or a silk screened print, but all my work is done using layers of stencils and spray paint.”
Douglas Hoffman
Douglas Hoffman's artwork lies somewhere between abstract expressionism and graffiti, often filled with dark imagery interlaced in beautiful color combinations.

"Gathering experiences from constantly moving and traveling while growing up, I felt as though there was endless material to work with. I became very interested in native tribes and ancient civilizations and their cultures, outer-space and nature, animals and all forms of life in general, space and dimension twisting, all liquids, smoke, ectoplasm, spirits and spiritual energy, aliens, martial arts, handmade weapons, viruses, violence, architecture, decay, natural disasters, surgically gridded faces, and anything living or non turned inside out."
Jason Limon
Jason Limon was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1973. He first showed his artistic expression at a fairly young age doodling characters and sceneries inspired by his bustling neighborhood and surroundings. He entered the field of commercial graphic design in 1995 acquiring comprehensive knowledge of type, color and composition. Following twelve years of commitment to producing award winning logos and designs he then turned his focus and concentration to where his heart truly began: developing artwork by hand and brush, no longer by the clicks of a mouse. He is currently creating gallery work and commercial illustrations, some of which can be seen in Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, American Illustration, Print Regional Design and Graphics.
Johannah O'Donnell
Johannah O’Donnell creates explosive, vibrant paintings in acrylic on wood panel, using neon color schemes with rich multi-layered backgrounds. Though the paintings are primarily portraits that question our collective view of beauty, her panels are also rich with existential sub themes.

Her paintings portray young women placed before elements of nature – trees, mossy green lawns, and starry backdrops. You will also find silhouettes of animals such as sparrows, elk and bats. Layered into the backgrounds are patterns like cheetah print, a tangled web of graffiti style arrows, dripping paint, or a repetition of stars and circles. Menacing images such as a skull or hands with a mouth in the palm bearing a devilish tongue may appear along the perimeter.

Her latest creations portray hybrid human animal figures, such as a guy striking a relaxed pose in a v-neck sweater who happens to have a wolf head and a girl with a drink, a smile and whiskers. She says, “I have a soft spot for invented creatures, animals that don’t exist outside of the realm of human imagination. To me, they’re the mascots of the artistic mind.”

As to why she paints fantasy, she says, “I think I’m drawn to it the same way I’m drawn towards heavy metal music. It’s nerdy and sincere. It’s art without irony - pure enthusiasm, imagination, and talent. I’m a big believer in sincerity in art. Sarcasm and irony are just self-defense mechanisms, a way to keep others at a distance. I have no interest in art that alienates the viewer.”
Kelly Allen
I am interested in creating paintings that capture the unity of all life on earth, with an emphasis on wild nature. My work is primarily fueled by the desire to build a bridge between our ancestral reverence for the natural world and our current detachment from it. Acting from this side of the bridge, I seek to create a renewed respect and connection to the fantastic animals and plants that share the earth with us. I take my role of the artist as a duty to inspire love for nature and filter it through my own aesthetic of beauty, informed by my interest in art history, design, fashion, and hunting through thrift stores.
My paintings can most easily be described as symbolic portraits comprised of a multitude of imagery culled from a wide range of visual sources. Most often, a particular animal is surrounded by a carefully constructed arrangement of organic forms, graphic shapes, bold swatches of pattern and color, jewels, beads, and flowers woven together to create a whole world within the painting where a new kind of sense is made.
The composition is initially constructed as a collage of archived imagery, extracted from a diverse collection of source material including old textbooks, nature books, and magazines. Each element is studied and painted to create a photorealistic, unified painting imbued with the energy and focus of my mind and my hands. The result often tricks the viewer into believing the work is a cut and paste collage, when in reality it is much more. This realization pulls the viewer in to stay with the work longer and enjoy it more fully, which is the ultimate reward.
I study the work of Joseph Campbell, the American mythologist, whose life work evinces that mythology holds an important function for human society. He maintains that our myths must transform and evolve to continue to address the realities of contemporary life. My work is created with this thought in mind, though there is no single written story for a single painting, inciting purposeful ambiguity to spark the inventive voice of the imagination. For I am not a storyteller, but an abstract image-maker, inspired by the archetypal stories from the distant past. And with an eye on our rapidly vanishing wildlife, I seek to create a new visual mythology to encourage compassion and respect for the living world that sustains us all.
Phone: 28w91
Nathan Spoor
Nathan Spoor is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles, CA, whose work is highly regarded by several prestigious collections and publications worldwide.

Spoor’s paintings involve images of transition and growth; fluid narratives that chronicle a world rich with the mystery, joy, pain, and delicate balance of personal and spiritual evolution. Believing that continuous study of technique and process are critical to his own growth as an artist. No image or canvas is too precious to wipe, repaint, and even burn on his own journey to discovery and expression. In this way, Spoor makes a personal and transformative connection with each piece that for him lives on beyond the finished works.

With a writing style that shows an impressive passion and understanding of the arts in context, Spoor continues to bring challenging and informative text to readers of such internationally acclaimed publications as Hi Fructose, BL!SSS, Juxtapoz, Grand Central Press and The Surfer's Journal in an intelligent and educated fashion.
Phil Noto
Born in 1971, Phil Noto grew up in Florida and attended the Ringling School of Art and Design. After college he began a career in animation at Walt Disney Feature Animation. During his 10 year career at Disney he worked on such films as Lion King, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, and Lilo and Stitch. In 2001, Phil started his comic career as the cover artist for DC Comics' Birds of Prey. Since then he has worked on numerous comic projects such as Beautiful Killer, Danger Girl, Jonah Hex, Superman/Supergirl : Maelstrom, Batgirl, Avengers, Wolverine/Jubilee and the Eisner Award-nominated, Infinite Horizon. While working in the comics field, he has also done art for magazines, video games, advertising and movies.
Phil is heavily influenced by 60's and 70's art and fashion. Sleek female figures ,text and retro design elements are a trademark of his paintings. He has had 4 solo exhibitions and has been a part of numerous group shows. His two art books, Jet Seven and Trans Am Champions (Brandstudio Press) sold out quickly and are highly sought after by collectors. Phil currently resides in Orlando with his wife, Beth and their 2 children, Kate and Fletcher.
Rafael Santiago
Rafael Santiago is an artist, sculptor and filmmaker. He holds a Bachelors degree from the School Of Visual Arts.

His paintings and illustrations have been showcased in solo shows at Bold Hype Gallery and in group shows throughout the east coast including The Society Of Illustrators.

In 2005 he was approached by filmmaker Rob VanAlkemade and became the subject featured in the award winning Burning Man documentary “Beyond Black Rock.”

His innovative use of multimedia has led him to work with clients such as Google, HBO, the TV series Veronica Mars, Friggin Fabulous Radio, the bands MOE, Nova Clutch and a future project with the Swedish band Moonbabies.

He is currently working on a web comic called “Very Bad Koalas” with actor/writer/producer Nicholas Brendon and animation director/producer Steve Loter.
Scott Scheidly
Ohio Born. At age four I attempted my first art project by devouring a 10 pack of crayons thus turning my diaper into a Jackson Pollack. At age six I was introduced to the sweet nectar of school paste. At around this same time period I began producing turkey drawings by tracing my hand. At age seven I lost my thumb in an unfortunate Big Wheel accident ending my successful "Hand Turkey Period". At age ten I ate more paste, however at age eleven I switched to water based paints & modeling clay. Between age twelve to sixteen I was in a daze from the paints I had eaten which I found out to be oil based. I did not produce much art during this time which we will call the "Your Sons Not Quit Right Period". At age seventeen I had kicked my habits and refined my skills and began to earn money with art for the first time by doing fellow students art projects for lunch money. At age twenty I apparently graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and moved to Florida unbeknownst to me. I still live in Florida where I enjoy floundering about and painting pretty pictures, and I still eat paste now and again just to remind myself of my roots and how I ended up like this. Some day I hope not to be famous.

"The truth will set you confused".
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